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. >> sure. >> and one of the stars enjoying the swanky swaury. >> there's a great energy in the air. >> celebrating great movies and free champagne. >> all about the champagne, you know. whether you win or lose, you're a winner, you know. >> seeing my friends and my frnds that are nominated. and just meeting new people. i love coming to this event. >> diamonds won't be the only thing bliistening at the oscars. the theme of the show is movie heros. >> it so inspirational. and people want to be inspireed. especially this year -- [ inaudible ] celebrating [ inaudible ] >> we have popular heros, animated heros, all different kind of heroes. >> the stars shared their favorite heros too. >> i like pl newman in cool hand luke and steve mueen in doubles. i like h how they behaved as me. >> lawrence of arabia. >> indiana jones, right? great hero. a lot of bull whips. any hero with a bull whip. >> which actor is slicing his way back to the small screen? find out. >>> and americanidol. the judges break down this seasason's stars. >> i have no idea. there is aunch of them that could win it. >>
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1